Who are we?

What our team can offer you

The CancerConsult team is part of NetCancer, an oncology information and training platform for health care professionals. CancerConsult was built in collaboration with the medical community.

Our mission is to make expert opinions accessible to everyone within 7 days.

Our commitment


CancerConsult is here to help you to understand your illness, navigate treatment complexity and obtain a 2nd opinion online. Our team is available by email and phone.


CancerConsult collaborates with recognized specialized expert consultants who have a dual focus on patient care and clinical research.


CancerConsult is committed to providing a response within 7 days of receiving your completed file.


A 2nd opinion online

Were you recently diagnosed with cancer? Do you have questions about your treatment’s effectiveness? Are you an expat? Do you live a long way from your nearest hospital? Or would you simply like a second opinion from an expert?

CancerConsult’s experts come from the public and private sectors to best support you wherever you are. 

The CancerConsult team is available to help. 

We are committed to providing you with a detailed response to your request for a second opinion within 7 days.


Multi-Disciplinary Opinion

In certain cases, our expert may consider it necessary to consult with other specialists (oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, etc.). 

If you agree, a multi-disciplinary meeting will be organized to address possible options. 

The final evaluation will be carried out solely by the expert (oncologist/hematologist), discussed with the patient, and issued within 15 days. 


Cancer is a highly complex disease. Treatment effectiveness is not determined solely by prescription-drug management; lifestyle plays an important role. 

Our scientific committee will provide you with specific, personalized advice, including: the importance of nutrition, suitable physical activity, alternative or complementary medicines and more personal subjects such as work, sexuality, fertility, travel… Sophrology, yoga and hypnosis have also been shown to improve patients’ day-to-day comfort and well-being. 

CancerConsult will support you throughout your illness with personalized answers to your questions. The response time for two questions is 7 days. 

Our values


Expert consultants are available regardless of your geographical location.


The CancerConsult team is committed to supporting you and providing you with the best answer to your questions within 7 days. 


Cancer treatments are becoming increasingly customized. We focus on answering your questions in a detailed, well-explained and personalized manner.


Request a second opinion on your cancer online and receive a response in 7 days.

Our team

The CancerConsult team is available to respond to your requests and offer support by phone and email.

Our scientific committee and medical community are committed to providing you with the most appropriate response to your file.

Our partners

Discover the directory of patient associations on the site mon-cancer.com

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