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A 2nd opinion or answers to your questions on the environment surrounding your illness.

The announcement of cancer is always a very difficult time and you are often unable to merge together all the information that your doctor gives you. You must face fears, doubts, misunderstandings, questions which remain unanswered which you dare not speak about still to your doctor. 

CancerConsult supports patients in order to make their illness more understandable, faced with the complexity of the treatments, but also to facilitate access to experts, despite the geographical distance and the timeframes of meetings. 

There are numerous therapeutic choices, reassurance can comfort the patient in managing their illness or orienting towards a more suitable management of it. 
Asking for a second opinion does not bring in question the oncologist treating the patient and can comfort them, on the contrary.

The request for a second medical opinion is a right and most of the time it allows to validate and better explain the therapeutic orientation proposed by a first practitioner, but sometimes also to propose alternatives. CancerConsult gives you quick access to a team of recognized experts in each of the cancers concerned.

My 2nd opinion

Do you have questions on your treatment? Are you seeking reassurance or to investigate other possibilities? One of our experts in your specific pathology will study your file and provide you with a response within 7 days.

Multi-Disciplinary Opinion

On the Expert’s Suggestion

After reading your file, the oncologist may suggest bringing in additional experts to work on your opinion, such as a surgeon or radiotherapist, to optimize the handling of your case.



Did you find there wasn’t enough time to ask your doctor everything you wanted to know? Our medical team can answer your questions on: diet, work, etc. Specific questions: personalized answers. 

Our Expert Consultants

Expert Consultants see patients in consultation as well as spending some of their time on research. CancerConsult has selected the best oncology/hematology consultants from all over France, in collaboration with Expertscape. 

The Expertscape database was put together based on an algorithm recording authors and their scientific and medical publications for each given cancer indexed in the “PubMed” database over the last 10 years. 

CancerConsult’s experts are all doctors listed on Expertscape. 

C. Léon Bérard Lyon

Breast and Gyneco

Dr Marjorie Baciuchka

H. Nord Marseille

Breast, Gyneco, Prostate, Testicle, Kidney, Urothelial tumors

H. Foch Suresnes

Lung, digestive

Pr René-Jean Bensadoun

Polyclinique St-Georges Nice


H. Foch Suresnes

Prostate, Kidney, Bladder

Dr Laurence Bigay-Gamé

H. Larrey Toulouse


H. Cochin APHP

Colon, Pancreas, Stomach

CHU Grenoble


CGFL Dijon

Colon, Pancreas, Stomach

H. Timone Marseille


CGFL Dijon

Brest, Kidney, Bladder, Prostate

Dr Julien Lazarovici

Gustave Roussy Villejuif


H. Foch Suresnes

Kidney, Bladder, Prostate

Dr May Mabro

H. Foch Suresnes


H. Civil Strasbourg


Gustave Roussy Villejuif


H. Pompidou APHP

Prostate, Kidney, Bladder

C.Paul-Strauss Strasbourg


Lariboisière APHP

Thoracic - Digestive Surgeon

Dr Alexandre Rault

H. Foch Suresnes

Chirurgie Digestive

C. Léon Bérard Lyon

Sarcomes, Digestif, Gynécologie

H. privé Antony

Lung, Kidney, Bladder, Prostate

Pitié-Salpêtrière APHP

Kidney, Bladder, Prostate

H. Américain Neuilly/Seine


H. Timone Marseille

Colon, Stomach, Esophagus

Institut du Sein Paris


Pr Nicolas Thiounn

H. Pompidou Paris

Kidney, Bladder, Prostate, Testicle

APHM Marseille


C. Léon Bérard Lyon

Brest, Gynecology

H. St Joseph Paris


Why ask for a second opinion ?

How does it work ?



Registering on CancerConsult gives you access to information on cancer in general, as well as on your specific pathology and treatments. Our online Experts will provide you with their response within 7 days. Accessing CancerConsult does not commit you financially. 


Requesting your 2nd opinion

Once you’ve registered, you can choose between two services - a second opinion or tips to better manage your illness day-to-day. You can suggest which expert you’d like to issue your 2nd opinion. The CancerConsult team may nevertheless be required to refer your file to another expert for availability reasons.


Filling in your medical data

In order to obtain the most relevant opinion possible, please share your medical documents with your Expert, either via a download or by mail. There’s also a medical questionnaire for you to complete. All information will be protected and secure (CNIL). If you have any difficulties sending your file, CancerConsult’s teams are on hand to assist you by telephone or e-mail.


Receiving your response

Once the oncologist has consulted your file, CancerConsult will send you an e-mail notification allowing you to access your 2nd opinion or personalized advice. In some cases, the doctor may request a video conference or telephone call with you to discuss things further if the expert deems this necessary.


To be an active party in managing your illness, you must be able to access clear, accurate and expert information. CancerConsult provides you with information validated by our Expert consultants. 


Cancer has always existed, but the disease is now affecting more and more people. The number of treatments is, fortunately, growing. This can, however, make things more difficult to manage. It’s therefore very important for patients to learn about cancer diagnoses, examinations, symptoms and specialists. Informed patients can take an active role in managing their illness to optimal effect. 

Being told you have cancer, or needing to change treatment, can bring up many questions, doubts, and a need for reassurance. 


There are a multitude of cancer treatments available: surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapies, immunotherapies and gene therapies. These therapeutic classes may be used in combination with each other. 

The research is constantly evolving and we’re now looking at personalized treatments for each patient.  

Clinical Trials

Entering a clinical trial is an opportunity to access promising treatments long before they’re used on a large number of patients. This benefit is particularly significant in oncology for cases in which the available treatments have been unsuccessful in curing or stabilizing a patient’s disease. Clinical trials are a source of hope for these patients, since they’re sometimes the only way to access new, potentially active treatments. 

Living with Cancer

Beyond medical care, a patient’s environment has a real impact on the effectiveness of their treatment. You’ll need to adapt your diet, be aware of the side effects of your treatments in order to better control them, engage in physical activity and generally take care of yourself, ensuring you do all you can to overcome your disease. 

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