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Hair loss and cancer

How to manage my hair loss?

Before: what are the right steps to take?

In order to prevent hair loss, it is possible to recommend that the patient use a cooling helmet. Indeed, the latter applies an intense cold, limiting the circulation of blood in the scalp and therefore the arrival of alopecising products.

If the hair loss does not bother you and you wish to use a hair prosthesis, think, before the treatment, to choose your wig so that it resembles as much as possible your initial hair.

During: How do I take care of my scalp and manage my image?

During your treatment, take care of your hair and limit as much as possible all possible external aggressions.

It is also important to protect yourself from the sun by using caps or scarves for example.

After : How to manage regrowth?

Once the treatment is over, the hair grows back a few weeks later. Once again, care must be taken with the new hair, which may have a different color and/or texture than the initial hair.

The nurse's advice

“Hair prostheses (…) modify much less the image that one gives of oneself and it restores a little confidence, which I believe is important.”


Patient's words

Who can help me?

Intermède Cancer offers all the products needed to overcome the side effects of treatment, hair and breast prostheses, caps and turbans, adapted lingerie, care products and cosmetics. Intermède Cancer consultants share their experience and accompany patients at home or in hospital. The adapted products bring well-being, help to regain self-esteem and move forward positively in the face of the disease.

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Where can you find them?

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